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If you find yourself at a crossroad, unsure of which martial art to choose or perhaps looking for change, try following the road less traveled: Tai Chi. Where it will lead is up to you, but during the walk you will experience boundless turnoffs of possibilities as well as challenges and that makes all the difference.


Pronounced as Taijiquan, originally a Chinese Martial Art practiced for self-defence and now for its health benefits. The principles include mind integration, with the body, controlling movement, breathing and cultivating internal energy and mindfulness. Tai Chi refers to a philosophy of forces of both yin and yang


By practicing Tai Chi, one would find that it improves breathing, focus, concentration, co-ordination, flexibility, muscle toning, balance and a great stress release. Tai Chi is known to teach one patience. With the continuous practice and perseverance of Tai Chi, it will increase ones fitness levels, muscular strength and balance, cardiovascular and stamina. Tai Chi challenges one to respond to outside forces both mentally and physically.

Benefits of Tai Chi 


Tai Chi students have shown improvement in the following areas:

  • Ability to stay calm

  • Co ordination improves and helps dyslexia students

  • Students become more creative 

  • Concentration and focus is greatly improved

  • Self confidence and self esteem is improved

  • Positive results for people who suffer from ADHD and ADD

  • Cancer patients, those suffering from osteoporosis, asthmatics, diabetics, arthritis, high blood pressure and other life threatening ailments have all benefited with the continuous practice of Tai Chi


Honesty, honour, humbleness, as well as physical strength and stamina are cultivated in the soft martial art.

I would rather maim than kill,

Hurt than maim,

Intimidate than hurt,

Avoid than intimidate

Ancient Chinese philosophers called the void and boundless state which prevailed before the world was created and from which the universe was created – WUJI – ultimate nothingness and is the mother of yin and yang.Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese's martial art that is now practiced more for its health and wellness effects on one.

Tai Chi is practiced for its martial arts, health purposes, and meditation. Tai Chi is often referred to as meditation in motion; however, in the martial art world, Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate Fist. There are many other variations to the word Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is classified as a soft martial art. Its gentle movements are soft on ones joints and are therefore able to be practiced by all ages, young and old.

Tai Chi is not designed to build muscle size. It is used to stimulate the internal organs, calm the nervous system, and loosen the joints making one more flexible.



Tai Chi Chuan Institute - Alberton is Tai Chi Ways. Focusing more on Traditional Tai Chi. This page is to promote both tai chi and qigong and to share our collective knowledge. In tai chi there are no secrets, just a lack of knowledge. Tai Chi Ways and Tai Chi Chuan Institute- Alberton is a non-political or religious tai chi school, it firmly believes in sharing what we have been taught and to spread the torch of knowledge,


Tai Chi is based on the principle of building blocks. These consist of physical movements and steps. Learning is done in slow motions. The patterns or forms are taught slowly as the brain can only absorb 5-7 instructions at any onetime. After which the brain becomes confused. Continuous practice is essential to attain the benefits of Tai Chi.

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