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Instructor Craig Boden born in 1963 started his Martial Arts career in 1972 doing Judo. He practised Judo until 1983 and then joined the military. 

In 1986 he started Southern Lohan Kung Fu with teacher Su, Chin Meil and Tai Chi Chuan with teacher Au Tiet from the Chinese Cultural Centre in Johannesburg.Both his instructors returned to Taiwan.While looking for new teachers Craig then continued his training in Tai Chi, Long Fist Kung Fu and White Crane.


In 1999 Craig once again found a Southern Lohan Kung Fu instructor and it is in this time that he found his new Tai Chi instructor. Since then Craig has carried on training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His passion however is Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2005 Craig took over the Institute of Tai Chi Chuan - Alberton from his Instructor A. K. Baynes who was appointed by Teacher Su Chin Meil of Taiwan in 1989.

2010 Craig started studying Tai Chi under Grandmaster Tsao Feng Shan 12th Generation Chen Family 2012 completed his Instructor certification.


On the 9 October 2005 Craig completed his Certificate of International Coach – Taiwan through the International Tai Chi Chuan Federation. 24 July 2013 received 4th Tuan of Tai chi Chuan Association R.O.C  15th July 2019 received  5th Tuan from Tai Chi Chuan Association R.O.C


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  • 1. Required to respect the master, honour the Moral Way and love fellow disciples as brothers and sisters.

  • 2. Required to train in the Taijiquan arts diligently, and as a pre-requisite, to be physically and mentally healthy.

  • 3. Required to be filial to parents, be respectful to the elderly, and protective of the young.

  • 4. Require to uphold righteousness, and to be both wise and courageous.

  • 5. Forbidden to be ungrateful and unscrupulous, ignoring the Laws of man and heaven.

  • 6. Forbidden to rape, molest, do evil, steal, rob, abduct or cheat.

  • 7. Forbidden to associate with wicked people; forbidden to do any sorts of wickedness.

  • 8. Forbidden to abuse power, be it official or physical; forbidden to oppress the good and bully the kind.

  • 9. Obliged to be humane, compassionate and spread love, and to realize everlasting peace and happiness for all people.

  • 10. Obliged to be chivalrous and generous, to nurture talents and pass on the Taijiquan arts to deserving disciples.

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